SuperMen Introduction

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Online Studs List

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The Pros

  • High definition video clips are uploaded daily giving the online user fresh faces on a daily basis.
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The Cons

  • Not too many negative things to say about this site when it comes to browsing loads of hot studs, but a simple downside is that there is not a simple review at the bottom of the photos available.
  • User friendly site is not considered to be one of these due to the fact that there is just way too much information all in one place.
  • The registration screen is extremely simple and that is not the actual problem, but the amount of time it takes to receive an email can be frustrating at specific times of the afternoon.
  • If you have an urge to become a model you can do that here on this very site, but unfortunately their sever can be down at specific times of the evening.
  • Online customer support is very easy to contact but the individuals on the other side of the phone service do not seem very friendly at times.
  • Tech support technicians seem difficult to reach in the late hours of the evening.
  • Hot gay men at your fingerprints seems to be the truth, but at times the server freezes up and delays the streaming of sexy video clips.
  • The lack of high definition video clips is the only downside to the quality of the existing clips.
  • Confusing front screen graphics make it difficult to browse online, especially for photo sensitive individuals.
  • Considering the fact that during happy hour on you have the ability to tip your model giving one a 50% discount on your next private Live Sex chat, it may sometimes be difficult to access this database due to simple computer errors.

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